Live Your Dash & Laugh

I had the honor of designing a logo and merchandise for my best friend's birthday celebration weekend.  It was quite the event- two birthdays!  The theme was "live your dash & laugh".  You might be wondering what that means?!  Kathy, one of the birthday girls, explains...

"Several years ago, I heard a quote I loved and decided to make it my life motto.  “Live your dash.” It means on your headstone is the date you were born and the date you die and there is the dash in between those dates. So I decided to work on living my dash. I am presently in a cabin in the woods with some of my best friends celebrating two of our birthdays that happen to total 100 so we are calling it the Centennial Celebration."

I was happy to help come up with a few logo ideas.  Once the logo was designed and approved I created some fun items for the swag bags.  Confetti, wine goblets, drink koozies, t shirts, water bottle labels and much fun!

My friend knew that she wanted to order the "worry less laugh more" pencils from MDG so she asked if I would design matching note problem!  Notepads coming right up!

With matching tags, they turned out amazing!

And what's a party without custom confetti?

The party looked like a blast and the group was even sweet enough to include me (I couldn't make it) by sending swag bag goodies.  


  • Thanks Kathy!

    Miss Design Girl
  • The party was spectacular thanks to you and your wonderful designs! Everything was PERFECT and captured our theme. You’re the best!

    Kathy Sieckman

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